Become body aware. Start to inhabit your body again. Find your home again. Figure out how you move and start to move in a different way. Use your body the way it wants to be used. Start your own journey. Step by step.

Become body aware by starting to feel again. Can you feel your body right now? What sensation can you perceive right now? You can relearn how to listen to your body and how to feel yourself again. It´s our body, that makes this life on earth possible for us and allow to espress ourselfes. Honor it.

Insights of the Workshop

To move is to live. To live is to move.

Du planst deinen eigenen Workshop oder ein Retreat im Bereich Movement,
Yoga oder Spiritualität und Bewusstsein?
Ich freue mich riesig, wenn du mir von deinem Projekt erzählst und ich dich dabei unterstützen kann.